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Because she is young, human and a woman, all that Mini really wants at first is to be with Amitav, her classmate and a young man who is deeply involved in revolutionary politics in India.

But Amitav appears indifferent to Mini's love. Consumed by the all-powerful force of his political being, he drags Mini into one risky situation after another. Mini's biggest test comes when she accompanies Amitav to a remote village in India to participate in a peasant struggle against an oppressive and corrupt political system. Here, under the moon, Mini and Amitav make love for the first time.

As the protest intensifies, their lives are threatened; and Mini grows more and more apprehensive. She leaves Amitav to return to the city and her family. After painful soul-searching, she decides to abandon a suffocating middle-class future in India and consents to an arranged marriage with an engineering graduate student, with whom she moves to Vancouver.

Even as she escapes from Amitav, however, Mini is haunted by his ideas, political beliefs, passion and commitment. Despite herself, she still sees the world through his eyes. Her husband's pragmatism, sobriety and professional success only heighten her loneliness and isolation. Mini returns to India and, without intending to, meets Amitav again, only to realize how different her life has become: While Amitav continues to struggle against oppression and injustice, she is engaged in trivial, self-indulgent pursuits in Canada.

Though she does not know it yet, before long she will have to choose not only between two continents, two different ideologies, two different ways of life, but between the men she loves.

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