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1)Saborna Roychowdury's novel, The Distance, is a remarkable new voice from a young writer. With shades of Mahashweta Devi and Jhumpa Lahiri, Ms. Roychowdury understands the fraught psychological terrain of the middle-class Bengali woman and the limited choices that she has access to. At once political and domestic, migrant and indigenous, bold and sensitive, this is a voice that seldom gets heard in contemporary fiction. What she reveals, patiently and deftly, are the very human ways that women confront the enormous problems that surround them: family, religion, violence, poverty, and the painstaking process of self-discovery. By the end of the novel, her characters reveal themselves to be not only victims of enormous social processes that they are unwitting participants in but also intelligent dreamers who are attempting to change the world in their own ways. The distance ultimately between those dreams and their realities produce some of the most lyrical and poignant moments in this novel.

--- >Snehal Shingavi, Faculty, South Asia Institute, The University of Texas at Austin.

2) Lyrical and full of India's dust, music, grace and horror, this is a deft tale of transcontinental diasporic existence, with beauty and violence both trembling just beneath the surface.

--Kazim Ali, Oberlin College faculty and author of the award-winning book, "The Far Mosque"

3) A smooth rendering of a society changing and the culture of a young woman growing up and choosing the individuals that will people her world. It is a rich contribution to the work of understanding India and the people it is raising for an international world.

--- Kao Kalia Yang, author of The Late Homecoming: A Hmong Family Memoir.

4) Saborna RoyChowdhury's first novel is the eloquent, masterful story of a young woman caught between two worlds who must struggle to reconcile them and, in the process, make for herself a life whose meaning flows more from the human heart than from politics, that is, more from love than fear or anger. This is the kind of story we need in our times if the human spirit is to prevail, and Roychowdhury tells hers with the sophistication and poignancy of a talented novelist whose bright career is just beginning.

--Bruce McAllister, author of the award-winning novel, DREAM BABY

(5) Saborna's storytelling is so strong that she not only held my interest for the entire length of the story but brought to life a young woman, her relationships and dilemmas and experiences, and engaged my emotions strongly. It is a beautiful story, and she tells it perfectly.

--Barbara Sachs Sloan award-winning journalist and former editor for Baldwin Publishing

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