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1. Book Review - The Distance-by Payal Doshi

The Distance by Saborna Roychowdhury tells the tale of Mini, a 20-year-old girl who is trying to find the true meaning of life. Set at a time, when it was still called Calcutta, where “heat waves shimmer on the glassy road and flowing red saris hang from sagging wires on balconies”, Mini finds herself drawn towards radical thoughts of the day while being pulled down by her conservative beliefs. On one hand, as a recent graduate in History, she comes under the pressure of getting married by her willful grandmother and parents who believe that marriage is her only step forward. On the other, her naïve and impressionable mind is challenged by Amitav, her strong-minded classmate who is deeply involved in revolutionary politics. Through his character, complete with a beard, a brown shawl and Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, Saborna artfully exposes the repression of women in society, India’s corrupt political system and the injustice done to farmers by crooked landlords. Smitten by Amitav’s eloquent words and unbridled passion to bring about social change, Mini is slowly drawn into his world.....(Cont'd)

2. Book Review-The Distance- by Durva Mayee

THE DISTANCE by Saborna Roychowdhury attempts to gauge the distance between two continents, two cultures, and subsequently, between two men infatuated with their ideologies shaped in these continents by the respective cultures. It explores the dilemma that a sensitive Indian woman finds herself in, while she traverses this distance and direction of these ideologies – a bold and complex topic to handle for a first novel. The story revolves around the life of a young girl Mini, from a conservative middle-class Bengali family. Mini is deeply in love with Amitav, a young leader of the students’ wing of the CPI. Amitav is an engaging orator and a charismatic leader. His genuine rage about society’s hypocrisy compels him to get involved in dangerous campaigns. Mini finds it impossible to turn down any call by Amitav for involvement in his radical activities but her faith is shaken when a friend is killed during one such ‘fight for justice’. ....(Cont'd)

3. Book Review-The Distance-Shabnam Shaikh

I believe that a good book should make you visualize the flow while reading. Saborna Roychowdhury’s simple and lucid writing style clearly fulfilled that quest in me. Her debut book titled, “The Distance” can be summarized as a poignant tale of love and agony. The narrative primarily revolves around a protagonist named Mini. She is young, naïve and hails from a middle class Bengali family in Calcutta. The tale depicts her journey as a college girl, her love affair with a classmate, heartbreak, and later an arranged marriage to a highly ambitious engineer......(Cont'd)