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Have finished reading 'The Distance.' Certainly, a novel that deeply moved me and Amitav, a character I'll remember in the years to come. You're a fabulous storyteller---Susan Abraham

'The Distance' by Saborna Roychowdhury ..beautifully conceived and wonderfully written.. I feel proud that she counts me as her friend !---Dush Yant

I'm not an author, but I'm a big fan Saborna. I'll keep talking about your work and hope that someone here in the US soon sees the wonderful story you've brought to life.----Catherine Jampuppy

Any agent should realize how lucky she is to have a chance to review your work! ----Lisa Falk Ellis

Your immense strength lies in your candid, almost brutal, honesty. You write from the heart and therefore you touch so many hearts. Everyone suffers but it takes a special clan to write it in such a way that everyone reading it, says, at some point, 'Yes, it's my life' or 'I know him/her personally'. This happened with The Distance.
Your debut book is indeed a landmark in literature. Believe me, this is just the beginning, Saborna
- Arindam Roy (The Times of India former Bureau Chief)

I liked Distance - especially its bipartite structure -- life before and after the departure of the NRI. It really captures the texture of Bengali life and streets in the forst part; and in the second, I like the curiosity with and bewilderment at the new, the exploratory, tentative nature of it.-----------Sabitha Satchi (Assist. Prof. Univ. Of Delhi)

It was merely a hunch that made me pick this book up from Flipkart, of course on cue from a facebook friend.  

One who has walked past Esplande , New Bazaar, Saltlake, only  a couple of times, would feel such proximity to this city that smell of fish and Bengali sweetmeats would cover me with so much of nostalgia ,  was unimaginable till I finished the last page. ‘The Distance’  eventually emerges as possession worthy to show off------Sanjeev Sharma

I am a research scholar in English literature.. I just want to update my knowledge especially of Indian English literature. In ur novel, portrayal of ur female protagonist Mini and her inner conflict between her ambition and reality is just superb. Even after completion of my ph.d i want to write a research paper in feminist perspective on ur novel. It's my pleasure that i have found u in facebook----Sohel Aziz (Aligarh Muslim University Research Scholar)

On way to Debradun found perfect company of second read of 'Distance ' by Saborna Roychowdhury- soft nudge into nostalgic trance. It were.a book once no more now. A good friend.

Sanjeev Sharma

A marvelous love story about a young woman from India who has to make difficult choices. The conflict between traditional Indian family values and western influences permeates the story, which also addresses the nature of identity and the ethical and emotional choices facing the female protagonist. Above all - a well-paced, informative, and entertaining read!

----Joyce Yarrow (AUTHOR)