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Yes, I wrote a novel. And like every starry eyed, trusting, swooning new writer before me and many who will come after me, I too picked up the writer's market guidebook and send out hundreds of query letters to agents.

At the time, I was sure that realizing my talent for writing, the lovers and gatekeepers of all modern day literary work will drop whatever else they may be involved in at the moment and pile up at my doorstep begging me to relinquish my book in their care. I will of course have to sort though the big names and big advances and choose the one most deserving of my affection.  Instead to my ultimate horror, thousands of rejection mails started to fill up my mailbox.

Most agencies were very curt and very business like. If they felt my novel couldn't be sold right then and easily—the did not want to seal with it. 
"The novel moves too quickly."
 "Good writing but too slow."
 "The book definitely needs more action."

 Some liked the protagonist and others the antagonists, some the pace, others the voice.  In the end I heard the same thing repeated over and over again.... "Not enthusiastic about your work." Translation: I don't see a big dollar sign.

Each time I received a rejection, I sat on the window-sill and rocked myself forward and backwards, my body locked in fetal position. I looked at the moonlit sky and ranted about the unfairness of the universe and of humankind in general. Now that my book is finally published I want to help other writers get published. I want to give them the edge they need in a highly competitive mainstream or literary novel marketplace. So I have created a HELP SYSTEM here exclusively for writers!

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